A transparent NGGHOOOOOOGHHHHH Apollo ヽ(✿‘ ∇‘ )ノ 


sometimes i forget this is a game about lawyers and then one of those fuckers says something like………..


FEELING THE LAWYERS……….heres some old doodles

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just a comparison between Suigimori’s official character art from Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire  to the originals. The redesigns are pretty great in my opinion

This could sincerely be used in a cartooning class with the intent of teaching the importance of action lines and expressive characters.

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I need to find me a mask like Howard’s

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what if i just replay this game for the 50th time

my spread for kaipy's fanbook gyakuten galaxy!!

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No but last night, i was watching ninjashow and my stepsister walked in at some point and just did a double-take on her way to the kitchen like “did that guy just say ‘wonk my cheese’? What does that even mean?”
And i was about to tell her when i realized
I don’t really know

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I’ve been playing Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright (no requests or spoilers for it until I’m finished, please) and I saw this great little part and then this conversation popped into my head.


Sunlight yellow Overdrive 

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